Simple Exercise to move through your Blocks in life.

Find something that you keep doing over and over. For example, the same relationships, the same argument, or cannot get out of a rut? What ever your block or repeated behaviour is. Be very precise. The more precise you can be the better this will work. You can do this with every behaviour or block you have in your life.  The deeper you go and the more involved you are the more you will get out of the exercise.

Now live your behaviour. Really feel yourself, down to your cells, reliving the behviour. Feel yourself in the situation or acting the behaviour live every detail of your behaviour, block or whatever.

Now, when you are truly in the moment and reexperiencing the behaviour ask:

What to I get from this behaviour? What is the payoff for being in this behaviour? What do I gain from doing this over and over again in my life?

Now list everything you gain.

This list must be a positive list of what you get out of it. So if it is eating you will NOT say  “gain weight”. It would be things like comfort, love, caring. etc.

Once I get feedback we will move onto the next part of the exercise. Though it will become obvioius that your perspective will begin to shift just seeing the gains you receive from doing a behaviour you have struggled so hard to get rid of.


Eleftheria Terryann Nikides

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