Open Forum and Questions

Have a question about the Nikides System? Want some feedback? Have a comment you’d like to share. This is the place.

4 thoughts on “Open Forum and Questions

    • Hi Lisa

      BreakThrough is a well-organized system of steps designed to show us our built-in defences and deep-seated, limiting beliefs from childhood that prevent us from living life fully

      Is a meditation based method of exploring your heart to uncover what is holding you back from experiencing all life has to offer.

      Have a good day.

  1. Hey Maddalena

    If you fear love then it would be the same as :

    I should not love.

    Fear could come up as one of the words that mean love or the emotion in part 2.

    Does that help

  2. New thread. It’s still friday evening, not yet the weekend for me…but I can wait till monday!
    I was doing as suggested. Being in my heart and asking what is preventing me to fully love/accept myself. I got “fear” right away and then (details? More specific?) “fear of Love”. so:
    “I should not fear Love”. Can I work the NS with this statement?

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