I am a woman transformed!!

I just received and e mail voice message from Terryann Eleftheria Nikides. A BodyTalk session for me from her.

It is the FIRST time in my pregnancy that I am FREE OF PAIN.

I can rise from seated without wincing. I can put one foot in front of the other without feeling like my public bone is going to split. I can put my foot in my slipper without holding onto the cupboard or wall and also wince free.

I cannot tell you the mental and emotional strain I have been under, without even realizing the extent of it.


And I am deeply in love and grateful for Terryann

Mind Forged Manacles.


I remember reading Blake as a child coming across the metaphor of “mind forg’d manacles”.   I thought then, as I do now, isn’t that the very thing we all want, to free ourselves from those manacles? Christopher Hitchens said that those mind forged manacles are hardest to break, I agree. What confounds me is those who do not want to free themselves.

Why do you not want to be free from your chains?